Woman of Valor Birth Services

Megan Othling - Albuquerque Doula


Being that this was my husband and my first rodeo, we didn’t really know what to expect. By having Megan there, my husband was free to do exactly what I needed him to do, be there and hold my hand...Now my first piece of advice for any pregnant mother is to have a doula. Megan was an invaluable resource, and she did an exceptional job supporting me, my birth plan, and my goal for a 100% natural labor.
— Jenny T
Megan was my irreplaceable Doula for the birth of my second son. She was very thorough in the months before my birth in working with me to come up with a plan of what I needed and wanted from her, and what things were to be the job of my husband. She came to my birth extremely prepared. Her voice, actions and words during my labor were all calm, soothing, knowledgable and very sensitive to how I was feeling during the various stages of my labor. My son ended up having what is called shoulder dystocia, which means that he got stuck by his shoulders once his head had already come out. It was an extremely scary and intense 3 and a 1/2 minutes of our lives. During this time Megan supported me with her body, helping me to get into the various positions that my midwife was telling me to as I was trying to get him out. She was professional and calm during all of this, and according to my midwife and myself, was an essential part of the good outcome. She came with me to the hospital, following my son and my husband, who had gone there in the ambulance. She helped me recover as quickly as I could, get there, and then when my body started having problems, she stayed by my side the entire time as a gentle, reassuring presence. After five days in the hospital we got to come home and I feel that having her as my doula was a vital part of making my son’s birth the best that it could be, and something that I look back on proudly and gratefully.
— Shannon H
Megan Othling was incredibly helpful to me during my pregnancy. Every time we spoke I left the conversation feeling calmer and stronger, which was exactly what I needed during such a vulnerable time. She was knowledgeable about so many aspects of pregnancy and birth; if I needed specialized information she would go research and get back to me. She truly filled in the large gap that was left by my OB/Gyn’s office, and that extra support, access, and research was invaluable. She helped me sort through the confusing opinions about my birth options and supported me in trusting what I most wanted. My work with her helped me believe in my strength and ability to do my best for my baby, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
— Rachelle M
Megan was an amazing resource while I was pregnant giving helpful information, gentle encouragement, and support. She directed me to excellent resources (some of which I still use almost a year after my daughter was born). She had not yet set up formal classes, but given her breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and attitude I would expect them to be very well done and I plan to take some for subsequent pregnancies. While regret is dirty word in today’s world I must admit I regret not asking for Megan to come sooner for the birth. We had planned for her to be our birth doula with the idea that I would labor at home until time to go to the hospital at which time she would join us. Due to medical issues I was induced early and due to stubbornness did not call. I wish I had. I hope that Megan is available for any subsequent pregnancies as she was wonderful to work with.
— Paula W.
I decided to hire a doula for my second pregnancy since I was hoping for a VBAC, and I believed a doula would help give me the knowledge and confidence I needed to follow through with my plan. Megan was great as she guided me through the process of developing a birth plan based on my desires, and she was very suppportive throughout my labor and delivery (which was a VBAC!). Megan is empathetic, supportive, and non-judgmental. She has a quiet presence and she steps in when she sees a need, which was perfect for me. I would highly recommend Megan as a doula!
— Kendra H.