Woman of Valor Birth Services

Megan Othling - Albuquerque Doula

Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness 

In my experience as a doula, and as a mother of four, I have witnessed the positive effects that the right kind of exercise can have on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My goal with my fitness training is to give women tools and instruction that can help them connect with their deep core muscles in a way that provides balance to their bodies. I believe in respecting our bodies and the great physical feat that is pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. I want to help you to gain the strength you will need to carry your growing baby, and help you practice the relaxation you will need to birth your baby. In the postpartum period, I want to help you reconnect with your body in a gentle and honoring way. I carefully craft my workouts so they are tailored to you and your needs wherever you might be. 

I focus my workouts on learning to connect and also relax the deep core and pelvic floor muscles to provide the stability and range of motion necessary for a strong pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My program has a strong core component, but it also includes a full body workout. I believe that each movement should have a functional purpose that will serve you in your daily life. My philosophy is not that you should gain as little weight as possible, or that you should "bounce back" soon after pregnancy. My philosophy is that of respect, care, and support for your body wherever it happens to be. 

What Does My Fitness Coaching Entail?

  • In person training sessions in your home including instruction on proper form and execution for each exercise.

  • Trimester specific written workouts for you to follow every day.

  • Email support for any questions you might have between sessions.


  • Trimester Package -- includes two in person training sessions per trimester (including the postpartum period), and written workouts for you to follow. Postpartum sessions would begin at eight to ten weeks postpartum, or whenever you feel ready. This is a total of eight in person sessions, personally tailored written workouts, and email support for $400, or $300 when included in the Fitness and Birth Doula Package or the Education, Fitness, and Doula Package.

  • A la Carte Hours -- as many hours as you want to schedule (maximum one in person session per week) throughout your pregnancy and postpartum, plus written workouts. Hourly rate of $50/hour, or $40/hour for birth doula clients.