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Megan Othling - Albuquerque Doula

 Childbirth Preparation Classes

I do not currently have a group class planned, but in the event that there is enough interest, I will create one. 

If you are interested in attending a group class, or if you would like to discuss private childbirth education, please fill out the form below. There is no commitment involved in filling out the form, and I will only use your information to let you know when a class opens up. I look forward to hearing from you! If you're wondering why you might like to choose independent childbirth classes, consider this blog.

My group classes are interactive and informational. During the five, two hour classes, you will learn the basics about the anatomy and physiology of birth and what to expect in each stage of labor. You will also learn about the options and choices you will have no matter where you are giving birth or what kind of birth experience you would like to have. Learn about possible comfort measures you can use, both non-pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical. Discuss skills you can use for decision making and learning the risks and benefits of the different choices you may have. I want to offer a space to think about all aspects of birth: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I also want to provide time and space for both mothers and partners to be seen and listened to and take ownership of their birth choices. Class size is limited so that I can offer an intimate and individualized environment for my clients. 

My private classes cover all that is covered in the group classes, but are tailored to your specific concerns and needs. Private classes are also ten hours.

  • Group Childbirth Preparation Classes: Ten hours of instruction with other expectant parents (five two hour classes) costs $125 per couple.

  • Private Childbirth Preparation Classes: Ten hours of personally tailored instruction for you and your birth partner. The cost for this package is $200, or $100 when included in the Childbirth Education and Birth Doula Package or the Education, Fitness, and Doula Package.

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